About Us

About Us

About Us


Caring in Care is a family owned company that provides excellent care to all service users.




Principle 1


People with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, dementia and mental disorder have the same human values as anyone else in our society.  They have the same rights and, as far as possible, the same responsibilities as other members of the community.  Where they are unable to claim their rights independently, we, as care providers, consider it our duty to advocate for them in order to preserve their rights as citizens.


Principle 2


People with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, dementia and mental disorder have a right and need to live like others in the community.    We believe that living in the community is not only a right but a need; because that is the only way they can begin to be guaranteed their share of normal patterns of life, learn from non handicapped fellow citizens and begin to be accepted as having equal value.


Principle 3


Services must recognise the individuality of people with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, dementia and mental disorder.  We believe that, like anyone else they have the right to behave as individuals with their abilities, preferences, and needs.  As such, each person is entitled to individualised care and lifestyle which, regardless of the degree of handicap, enables that person to develop to his/her full potential.




To provide a home for people with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, dementia and mental disorder , with an emphasis on creating a comfortable, enabling and a stable living environment, where the Service Users will be able to enjoy a valued lifestyle.


To adopt a ‘Holistic’ approach to Individual Care Planning based on assessed needs and strengths, with clearly identified short and long-term goals, in order to promote the development of independence and personal growth and in turn overcome specific problems.  Service Users will be afforded the opportunity to take part in the formulation and review of their Individual Care Plans.


Each Service User will be treated with dignity and respect, recognising his/her need for privacy and acknowledging his/her right to pursue personal, religious and cultural beliefs.


By providing opportunity and information, each Service User will be supported to make personal choices and self-determination in his/her daily living activities.


The home will promote each Service User’s independence by providing opportunities for learning/experience in order that he/she acquires personal and social competence.  It is acknowledged that such learning/experiences may incur a certain degree of assessed risk that will enhance the process of gaining independence.


To provide the service user with the opportunity to participate in a range of meaningful occupational, educational and leisure activities, within the home as well as making the best possible use of a range of community resources available, regardless of their disorder/disability.


To provide a quality service by making available high standards of care, education, expert multi-professional support and appropriate therapeutic interventions, to overcome specific problems and/or meet specific needs of each person.  Through training opportunities/regular supervision, staff will be facilitated to acquire relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes essential to competently meet the changing needs of the service users who live in the home.


Service users seeking a placement in the home will have a period of transition, followed by a trial period.  When the placement is finalised, each service user (or representative) will receive a formal contract of residence detailing the services offered.  No service user will be discharged unilaterally by the home and any decision to discharge will be taken following comprehensive consultation with all parties concerned.


To work in close partnership, co-operation and collaboration with parents/relatives, statutory services agencies and the Care Quality Commission to ensure that all service users of the home receive quality service.

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